Caleb Williams

Bears reveal their in-depth scouting report on Caleb Williams

Go behind the scenes with Bears scouts ahead of last month's draft

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We’ve known for a long time that the Bears loved Caleb Williams both as a prospect and a person before they drafted him last month. Now we know exactly how much.

Last week the Bears released a new episode of their series “1920 Football Drive,” and took fans behind the scenes of their pre-draft process. Included were some rave reviews from the team’s scouts on their eventual No. 1 overall pick.

Here’s what they had to say:


"So as a person, very good personal character, good supportive family. And he's got a good team around him, as well. You know, despite all the accolades, he does stay grounded, really humble for everything he's accomplished.

"Really hard worker and his teammates love this guy. Rave reviews from players that he's played with at USC and Oklahoma. What stands out to me mostly about this kid from a makeup standpoint is just the competitiveness. He hates to lose. He does whatever he needs to do to win, whether it's the work ethic or bringing guys along with him.

"As a player, same thing. I mean, he's rare in terms of a lot of things in the passing game. You know, the arm strength, the accuracy, high level. Excellent in my opinion.

“What stands out to me is just the instincts and just the ability to make plays when things come off schedule. Very good athlete, can escape and get out of trouble and then make plays downfield. Really jumps off the tape. And one of the rare players I've seen in all my days of scouting."


"This is the prototype new age quarterback that's a high-level competitor. Flashes of rare talent with his arm. Capable of making throws from multiple arm angles at all three levels. He could play within the pocket or out the pocket.

"Very good touch and accuracy on all three levels. Dangerous runner who can get the first down with his feet consistently. This guy comes in, he will be an eventual top-five QB in the league. His combination of his ability, competitiveness and desire to win makes him rare."


Ackley shared what he heard about Williams from interviews with Williams’ former college teammates. He said the responses were nearly unanimously positive and one player’s face lit up when asked about Williams.

Teammate 1: “Love him. Competitive. Came in from Day One and said he’d win the job. We loved him. He was a ‘dude.’ Smiles. Crazy confident and backs it up with his play. Really good dude outside of ball. Cool with the guys in his circle.

Teammate 2: “You always have a chance with him in the huddle.”

Teammate 3: “Great teammate. Pushed me day in and day out. When I had my head down the year before, he’d tell me to come back, lock in and focus. He was the guy who believed in me, that’s how I grew as a person. Ended up becoming a better player because I was around him.”

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