Bears troll Aaron Rodgers on breakup with Olivia Munn via Twitter


New rule of thumb: Don't go full-troll mode on a quarterback who's posted a 14-4 record against you. 

The Bears learned that the hard way this afternoon. 

Following a PEOPLE report that Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn amicably ended their three-year relationship, the official Bears Twitter account poked a little fun at the Green Bay Packers quarterback using "#FridayFeeling."

Probably not a great idea to give the king of the NFC North more motivation.  

The Bears eventually deleted the tweet, which actually probably made things worse, but at least they didn't claim they were hacked... yet. 

It'd be one thing to laugh at Matthew Stafford, but Rodgers has owned the Bears since replacing Brett Favre as the starting quarterback in Green Bay. Along with a win percentage of .778, Rodgers has thrown 38 touchdowns to just nine interceptions against Chicago. That's very not bad. 

A better troll method may be to go the Chicago Tribune's route: 

Subtle, but savage. 



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