Bills honor Mitch Trubisky with locker room shrine


Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard. The heartbreak leads some to write incredible songs, heart-wrenching movies or thought-provoking books. For the Buffalo Bills, saying goodbye to Mitch Trubisky inspired a Tik Tok for the ages.



Many people will walk in and out if your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. ?

♬ Slow song - Single Cirquit


Transforming a nondescript closet into the perfect Trubisky shrine was a full team effort for the Bills. We see their security team contributing candles. Flowers come from the equipment staff. The Bills broadcast team adds an American flag.

“It’s part of being human,” the track underneath the video narrates, as the social media staff takes the Trubisky shrine contributions through the Bills locker room. “And so we’re always transforming and changing, in some direction. It’s beyond human. But peace is very hard to obtain.”

Indeed, peace一 inner peace一 is hard to obtain when your team loses the first ever NVP.

And so, the Bills will remember Trubisky with their memorial. They’ll look upon that NVP, and his cleats, and his smiling face, and his cup in a terrarium (?!?), and they’ll remember the man who came in to back up Josh Allen and learn behind Brian Daboll, and who left ready for his next chance to start in the NFL.

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