Brian Urlacher got to say his goodbye to Bears fans


Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame was a big deal for Brian Urlacher, but returning to Soldier Field and being honored at halftime of Monday's Bears-Seahawks game was also significant for Urlacher.

The Bears held a ceremony for Urlacher on the field. He walked out in his Hall of Fame jacket and teammates were there to watch him.

"It was amazing," Urlacher said after the ceremony. "I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I've said this in my speech, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the fans. Because you don't ever know when it's your last game. I especially didn't know it was my last game. To get a chance to come back and do this, this whole process, not just the Hall of Fame weekend, but this process getting ready for this week. All my teammates, 15, 16 guys came back. I get a chance to see them, go to the facility and see a lot of people that worked there when I was there. It's just awesome."

Not only was Urlacher joined by his teammates, but Bears fans made a point of watching the former linebacker at halftime instead of hitting the concessions.

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