Brisker's goal to be ‘takeaway king' shows he's perfect for Bears


LAKE FOREST – The moment Kyler Gordon picked off a pass from Justin Fields on Friday at Bears training camp, Jaquan Brisker had one thought.

Match it.

"I pay attention," Brisker said. "Once he got the first one, I was like, 'I got to get one now, I got to get one.' So, there's definitely a competition between everybody in the room with the corners and safeties and linebackers. You know, I'm definitely trying to be the takeaway king."

Match it, Brisker did. A few plays after Gordon's pick, Fields had tight end Cole Kmet breaking open across the middle of the field. The Bears' quarterback let it rip toward Kmet, but Brisker played it perfectly, darting in front of the tight end for an interception and a training camp pick-six.

"I'm trying to show my disguise," Brisker said of his interception. "Just coming down and Cole crossed my face, so I just took my eyes to his hips and then once I seen him get ready to catch the ball, I just jumped in front of it, you know, made sure I caught the ball and just took it upfield."

Friday was the latest example of Brisker and Gordon showcasing the skills the Bears coveted. The rookie defensive backs are always around the ball and, so far, have lived up to their second-round draft slots.

"It's good," Eberflus said of his two second-round picks making plays. "Like I said the other day, ball-hawks, that's what they are. That's why we brought them here."

Making plays in training camp is one thing. Doing them on Sundays is an entirely different task.

But Eberflus is confident what he has seen from Brisker is an indicator of NFL success.

"You can just see it," Eberflus said. "I'm a big guy that looks at gear change, where he can really speed up, and then body control after he does that to make plays. He has that. You have to be able to do that in the open part of the field. Some guys are fast, but they don't know how to control the body to make the plays. He has that great body control, and you can see that adjusting to the ball in the air to make an interception, adjusting to the alley when the runner changes his angle to slow down, speed up, and maintain the inside angle to run the alley and make the hit.

"So, he's done a lot of those things. You can see it. It's evident on tape that he has it."

Brisker and Gordon are still in the early days of their NFL career. But the praise and hype couldn't be higher for the first two picks of the Eberflus-Poles era.

But hype is something that isn't real. Brisker, at this point, seems to be all real.

Brisker, the hopeful turnover king, is everything Eberflus and the Bears want and need in a defensive tone-setter. You can see it every day on the fields at Halas Hall.

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