Butkus: Halas ‘rolling over in his grave' after last year


Not many people can share what they know about George Halas as a coach, but Dick Butkus is one of them. The legendary Bears linebacker played under Halas at the beginning of his career, and of course maintained a relationship with Halas when he stepped away from the sideline to move to the front office. So if you’d like to know what Halas would think of recent Bears history, Butkus is a pretty good guy to ask.

That’s exactly what NBC Sports Chicago did on a recent episode of the Under Center Podcast, and spoiler alert, it’s not very good.

“I think he would be rolling over in his grave after last year, it was atrocious,” Butkus told NBC Sports Chicago. “I mean, they've had some bad years, but man.”

The reason Butkus believes Halas would be so upset with the team today, is because of the way they handled their young star QB.

“Justin Fields, I think, is the answer for the Bears at quarterback,” Butkus said. “The only problem is they didn't coach him from the day he stepped off the field at training camp to the last game. They never coached them, never coached him up. And I think that's a tragedy.”

The other tragedy for Butkus was the Bears’ offensive line play in front of Fields.

“You're letting that kid out, you're hanging him out to dry, in my estimation,” Butkus said. “I got so pissed during the year. It's just guys miss a block, then they're right there helping the quarterback up. Give me a break. I'd take my hand if I was him, and go ‘Get out of here!’ Then kick them in the ass.”

Butkus reiterated he believes Fields can be the guy for the Bears, but said the team will need to invest in the offensive line and create an offense to make the most of his rollout abilities to help him succeed.

“I'm glad they got some new people in there,” Butkus said. “Maybe they'll start working and teach the kid something, and take advantage of his abilities along with getting somebody up front so he doesn't get killed.”

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