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Caleb Williams saves the day after fan's viral jersey debacle. See his epic response

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A fan who ordered his Caleb Williams Bears jersey on the night of the 2024 NFL Draft in April, only to be told his order wouldn't arrive until late September, got the surprise of a lifetime when Chicago's new QB1 responded to his now-viral debacle.

Connor Burns posted a plea to social media seeking help after the jersey order he placed weeks ago suddenly had an unfortunate update.

"I ordered my Caleb jersey on draft night. You cannot be serious," Burns posted on X Friday, tagging Williams and the team in his message, saying, "help a man out."

The post came with a screenshot of an exchange Burns had with Fanatics Support, indicating his order is "expected to be shipped out" on Sept. 27.

The post quickly generated more than 6 million views.

"Not having a rookie jersey for the home opener is actually unbelievable," Burns wrote.

Hours after the original tweet, Burns posted a positive update.

In it, a Fanatics employee said "I wanted to reach out and apologize for any confusion that has caused after seeing your experience here."

"As a fellow Bears fan born in Chicago I want to make this right," the message read, adding that Burns would receive a free gift.

But the real treat came Monday, when Burns shared a video from Williams himself.

"Hey Connor. It's Caleb. I just wanted to reach out. I heard that there was a bit of confusion with the whole jersey situation so just wanted to reach out and let you know that Fanatics said you'll be one of the first to receive, and much love," Williams said, adding that he was inviting Burns to a game as a "gift."

The move was a hit for fans who had been monitoring the saga.

"I’ve never seen a player come to this city and be so invested in the community," Burns, who had previously been critical of Williams on social media, said in response.

Some fans called him the GOAT, while others said the move helped improve their thoughts on the new team quarterback.

Since his arrival in Chicago, Williams has been making waves among fans by attending games for the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago Sky.

He was celebrated for taking photos with fans in the crowd at the 2024 NFL Draft and even hung out with fans inside a Wrigleyville bar.

"[Chicago fans are] great. They’re always showing up, whether it’s the Sky, Sox, obviously Bears, Cubs and things like that at Wrigley Field. They’re showing up, showing out and they put on a show every single time."

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