Chase Daniel says he loves Bears' offense: ‘I feel like I'm 25'


Don't confuse Bears backup-turned-starting QB Chase Daniel for an old journeyman. Sure, he's in the early stages of his mid-30's, but he doesn't feel that way. Especially not after leading Chicago to a 16-6 win over the Minnesota Vikings in what was dubbed the team's most important game of the early season.

“I’m about to turn 33,” Daniel told NBC Sports' Peter King, “and I’ve been in it 11 years now. But I feel like I’m 25. And I love this offense. I feel the offense."

There's a good reason why Daniel feels younger than his date of birth would suggest. For a guy who's been in the NFL as long as he has, he's barely played. He entered Week 4 with just 184 career attempts. As a result, he hasn't taken the kind of pounding that usually comes with more than a decade in the league. 

But that doesn't mean he's inexperienced, especially not in Matt Nagy's offense.

"This is my fifth or sixth year in it. I was in Kansas City, in Philadelphia, and it’s basically the same offense. Very quarterback-friendly. The quarterback’s a point guard out there. I’ve always felt I was an accurate passer, and not just dink-and-dunk. We took some shots out there today—that shot to Robinson on the first drive, and others.”

All the Bears really need at this point is a point guard. The defense is playing at an exceptional level and the offensive line is trending in the right direction after Week 4's performance. If Daniel can dish the ball to his playmakers and let them do the rest -- as he did in Sunday's win -- then we may actually see an improved rate of production on the offensive side of the ball.

This doesn't mean there is or will be a quarterback controversy in Chicago. The job of the backup quarterback is to come in and do exactly what Daniel did: win a game by playing mistake-free football with the occasional big play mixed in. He understands that.

“Any time you get a chance to play, at least for me, it’s a great opportunity, especially with this defense," Daniel said. "I’m thinking, 'Be aggressive, but take care of the football.' All the other stuff, I’m aware of all the talk going on around town, and how outsiders view us, but I don’t care about it."

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