Cowherd calls Packers, Aaron Rodgers losers in Khalil Mack trade


The Raiders have dealt with a fair share of scrutiny for parting ways with pass rusher Khalil Mack in a trade with the Bears over the weekend. But not everyone thinks the Raiders are the real losers of the deal.

FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd pointed to the Packers and specifically quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the real losers of the trade.

“[The Raiders] were not the real loser in the Khalil Mack deal. The real loser was Aaron Rodgers," Cowherd said. "I want you to think about this, if you’re the Green Bay Packers, why didn’t you get Khalil Mack?"

Cowherd outlines a six-point list of reasons why.

“You’re the only team in the NFL with two first-round picks next year. Have him. You’re it, nobody else has him," Cowhed said. "You get two firsts and we get the next Lawrence Taylor."

Later in the segment Cowherd added: "You got good interior defensive linemen, you drafted corners, next year the one thing in the first round you were going to draft, you were going to draft a defensive end, a pass rusher."

Cowherd also points out the injury risk with an aging Rodgers under center, who the Packers just signed to a four-year extension worth $134 million.

"You knew rival Bears in your division – you play them twice a year – were going after Khalil Mack, it had been reported before the deal," Cowherd said. "Aaron Rodgers has had two collarbone surgeries, want to face him a minimum of 10 times the next five years?
“That Viking pass rush and Khalil Mack, the next Lawrence Taylor? Really, want Aaron to see that?"

Cowherd also points to the Green Bay's cheap defense providing room to sign Mack, free agents avoiding Green Bay historically, the Reggie McKenzie connection and Rodgers' record in the playoffs with defensive help (he's undefeated when opponents are held to under 23 points).

Don't tell one Packers reporter though...

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