David Montgomery emotional after Nagy, Pace fired


It’s safe to say most of Chicago is celebrating the Bears’ decision to fire Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace this morning. Fans directed their ire towards the duo for months as the 2021 season slowly unraveled, ending in the first losing season for the team since 2017. But among Bears players, there was no celebration.

“It’s kind of pretty emotional for me just because I’m just a kid from Cincinnati who didn’t have many shots coming out of high school,” said David Montgomery. “Then coming out in the draft, I’m being passed up by a lot of teams and I’m not thinking what’s going to happen and not knowing what’s going to happen next for me. And Pace and Nagy? They took a chance on me. They took a chance on a poor kid from Cincinnati who people looked at as if he wasn’t going to be good enough to even get a chance to play. That’s why it’s emotional for me. Because they stuck their neck out on the line for me. And I appreciate them for that. Just sitting and waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

“As soon as I stepped foot in here, they showed me nothing but love. I appreciate them for that. It’s unfortunate what happened. But at the same time, you understand this is a results-driven league and we want to do what we have to do so we can handle business.”

Moving forward, Montgomery said it’s also going to be difficult not knowing what the future holds. With a new GM and a new head coach coming into Halas Hall, bigger changes to the team, including what the roster looks like by the time training camp rolls around.

“I guess you can say everyone fears the lack of knowledge and not knowing anything and not knowing what’s to come. So my thing is me just being able to be who I am and being sure I can keep the guys who are here together. And continue those relationships for the guys who won’t be here, because there is much more beyond football than just football.”

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