ESPN analyst says it's ‘impossible' to evaluate Fields


Justin Fields is going through his early NFL developments with a shoddy-rostered Chicago Bears

According to one NFL analyst, it's going to be impossible to evaluate his season because of the team's situation. 

"You can't evaluate a quarterback if you don't feel like you put him in a position to succeed," Ryan Clark said on ESPN. "Justin Fields is in the worst position of any quarterback in the entire NFL."

Fields has had a rocky season so far.

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General manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus are setting the table to feast during the next offseason when the team will have around $100 million in cap space. 

Until then, the new regime invited lower-tier veterans on minimal value deals to surround Fields with on offense. The team has a young offensive line and a plethora of fringe-roster wide receivers around him. 

The result? Chaos, so far.

Despite the Bears' 2-2 record, Fields ranks near the bottom of the league in a multitude of passing stats compared to his NFL counterparts. For example, his 67 pass attempts are 30 lower than Mac Jones' 97, who ranks 30th in the category. 

Fields' season will raise more questions than answers in regards to his future with the team.

The regime has been persistent about its commitment to Fields. But, without any clear cut development on the quarterback's end, it'll be difficult to decide whether or not to sign him back to another contract. 

Of course, this speculation is extremely early. Fields has another two years after this season on his rookie deal. It's probable the Bears keep him around until then to take advantage of paying the NFL's most valuable position minimal money.

But, what comes next for him after that?

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