Fields gets apology and insight from player on late hits


Justin Fields is a magnet for late hits after he slides down. 

He got one in the Bears' first preseason game versus the Kansas City Chiefs (wasn't technically called) followed by another against the Cleveland Browns in the last preseason game. 

Why does this keep happening to the second-year quarterback?

According to Mark Grote, one player apologized for a late hit he committed on Fields and gave him his perspective on Fields' sliding. He said Fields comes at them so quickly he doesn't appear as if he's going to slide. 

It sounds like a nod to Fields' speed, but also as a caution to his scrambling techniques. This could be something Eberflus and Getsy work with to help Fields stay out of trouble

It's difficult to tell while watching games on television or from afar. But, if I were Fields, I'd take the anonymous defender's word for it. Get down quicker. 

Sliding is a common development spot for young quarterbacks. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow struggled plenty during his rookie season. One referee told him to "just go down" in one of his early games. 

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The Browns hit on Fields caused a brawl between both teams as the Bears offensive linemen came to Fields' defense with pushing and shoving. For Fields, he was happy the hit didn't go unnoticed, like the one versus the Chiefs did. 

"I'm glad I got the call," Fields said after the Browns game. "Hopefully it doesn't have to be that egregious next time to get the call."

Fields mentioned last season he thinks it will take time and veteran presence to be able to get iffy, late hit calls from referees. 

Hopefully, Fields can stay out of trouble and protect himself from a dangerous incident. 

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