Fields near bottom of all-time Bears record list


Try not to look. It's about to get ugly. 

Bears quarterback Justin Fields posted horrific passing stats through the first two weeks of football. He's tied for the second-lowest number of completions (15) for any Bears quarterback since 1950. 

Through two weeks, here are Fields' notable passing stats paired with his NFL rank in each of them:

28 passing attempts (33rd)
15 passing completions (31st)
53.6 completion percentage (30th)
191 passing yards (32nd)
23.7 QBR (31st)
69.2 passer rating (30th)

It's important to add a note for two of these stats. For passing attempts, the likings of backup quarterback Cooper Rush and the injured Trey Lance and Dak Prescott all rank above him. Second, Fields is only above Baker Mayfield in qualifiable QBR. 

It's no secret the combination of a Week 1 monsoon and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy's determination to beat the Packers on the ground is creating a deficit in the passing game. Therefore, Fields' stats are incredibly low and have made for some chatter about his future with the Bears. 

Nevertheless, the NFL is only two weeks into the regular season and there's plenty of time left to play. But, Fields' performance will be analyzed through a microscope after two lackluster weeks. 

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