Former OLB Shea McClellin battles depression by playing pickleball


Retirement can be tough for anyone, as the lack of structure one is accustomed to for years and years is suddenly gone. For athletes it can be even tougher, since they retire at a much younger age.

In an article from The Athletic on Wednesday, former Bears first-round draft pick Shea McClellin revealed he battled depression and suicidal thoughts after retiring from the NFL.

"I got into a pretty bad cycle, had some demons. I needed to work out," McClellin said in the article.

Fortunately, McClellin found help from doctors and therapy, and a new outlet for his competitive drive: pickleball. Yup, that sport you played for two weeks in middle school gym. That pickleball.

According to The Athletic, McClellin has trained diligently with coaches and his USA Pickleball Association rating has already started to climb. Who knows, before too long you may even be able to catch him on the USAPA tour.

“People think I’m joking, but I’m serious... I want to be a pro pickleball player.”

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