Here are the wettest games played in NFL history


The Chicago Bears played a soaked game on Sunday at Soldier Field against the San Francisco 49ers. The field was noticeably drenched and covered in puddles around the field. 

Luckily, the Bears got away with a 19-10 upset win in the rain over the 49ers. They capped off the Week 1 win with an iconic, celebratory slide through the rain in the endzone. 

While the game on Sunday didn't set any weather records, here are some other games that were played in historically wet conditions.

The Mud Bowl -- Oct. 4, 1988

The Seattle Seahawks played the Kansas City Chiefs during one of the worst floods on record. The game was delayed for an hour between rounds of thunderstorms, which added up to 5-6 inches of rain. There were 3.66 inches of rain on the ground before the game kicked off. 

At the end of the first half, the score was tied at three points a piece. Halftime was cut to six minutes and fans were asked to move to protected areas of the stadium for safety. The final score ended 17-6 with the Chiefs getting the win.

"Muddy Night Football" -- Nov. 26, 2007

The Miami Dolphins played the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road on Monday night. Over one and a half inches of rain slopped the field before the game. 

The game was the lowest scoring game ever recorded on Monday night football, as Steelers kicker Jeff Reed punched through a routine 24-yarder with 20 seconds left in the game to win the game, 3-0. 

The Fog Bowl  -- Dec. 31, 1988

Speaking on a related note to the Bears and poor weather conditions, the Fog Bowl of 1988 comes to mind. 

Side note: What's with historically poor weather games in 1988?

The Bears hosted the Philadelphia Eagles with a thick, suffocating fog swarming over the field. Chicago prevailed over former defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, who was the head coach of the Eagles, with a 20-12 win. 

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