How Aaron Rodgers could be in better shape this offseason


If you can believe it, Aaron Rodgers could be even better next season after trying a new offseason regimen. It’s been well documented that Rodgers has been absent from Packers OTAs this week, but that doesn’t mean he’s not getting in playing shape. On Kenny Mayne’s final episode as a SportsCenter anchor, Rodgers revealed a new diet that has helped him shed some serious weight.

“From the time I did Jeopardy! to the time I went to the Derby I lost about 15 pounds,” Rodgers said. “I did this amazing Ayurvedic cleanse, and it just changed my insides. My body feels amazing, the inflammation is totally out of my body.

“But the problem was, I didn’t quite fit into some of the suits that I was wearing, so I kind of had some oversized suits on… I’m a little slimmer, a little trimmer.”

It’s important to know that science hasn’t proven that the full Ayurvedic cleanse promises, and it can pose health risks if not done properly, so doctors don’t recommend you try it yourself. However for Rodgers it appears to have worked, and a Rodgers feeling healthier than ever is certainly a scary proposition for opponents.

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