How Olin Kreutz sees path for Trubisky to return to Bears in 2021


Has Mitchell Trubisky played himself into a new contract with the Chicago Bears? After an impressive performance against the Houston Texans, Trubisky has completed 67% of his passes for 776 yards, seven touchdowns and two interceptions in his three games back as the Bears’ starter. More importantly, he looks in control of the offense. All of that has Olin Kreutz seeing a scenario in which the Bears actually bring Trubisky back into their QB room going forward.

“Say you say to yourself, ‘I’m going to go hire Gary Kubiak, the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings,’” Kreutz said on the Football Aftershow following the Bears’ win on Sunday. “‘I’m going to bring in Rick Dennison to be his offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, and we’re going to this outside zone, boot scheme that he was drafted for.’”

That alone won’t be enough to bring Trubisky back however. Because Trubisky will likely need convincing that coming back to Chicago will be the right move for his personal career. To do that, Kreutz thinks other changes will need to be made.

“You bring in a GM and that GM says, ‘Look, I’m going to give him a cap-friendly contract and see if he can develop into a good quarterback while I bring in a young guy, while I bring in another guy, and let him compete.’ Then he has trust in the people in the building. Then you could see him staying.

“But if you’re asking me, would he stay with the same group of guys, highly unlikely.”

While Kreutz thinks coming back to Chicago could be a tough sell job for Trubisky, Alex Brown said he thinks the city of Chicago is ready to welcome back No. 10 with open arms.

“I think the past couple of weeks, people are already on board with that,” Brown said. “They’ve already seen enough from Mitch coming back last week… this week he goes crazy and throws the ball all over the place. He’s making decent throws and good decisions with the ball.

“I think people want to love this kid, they really do, if he’s in the right scheme… You can get that kid to play good football.”

But in the end, Brown agreed with Kreutz.

“He and coach Nagy can’t go together. One of them has got to go. It just doesn’t work.”

One man remained unconvinced however: Lance Briggs. He was still skeptical since Trubisky’s renaissance has come against two of the worst pass defenses in the league. The Texans and Lions each rank in the bottom half of the league for completion percentage yards, passing yards allowed, and passing touchdowns allowed.

“Once you get against the tougher defenses, where does he stand there?” Briggs said. “The tough defenses that play their gap assignments right and pass defense, he struggles… let’s see how he does against the top defenses in the league.”

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