How to create your own darkness retreat at home


So you read about Aaron Rodgers’ darkness retreat and now you want to try it yourself. Sure, you don’t have to contemplate whether or not to remain the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, but you’ve got big decisions ahead too! Should I ask that cute barista out on a date? Is now a good time to ask for that raise at work? Am I feeling Italian or Mexican for takeout, tonight? These are all tough questions and they need answers!

Problem is darkness retreats are probably expensive. And you’ve gotta fly somewhere to do it. And you’re at the mercy of eating whatever crunchy granola mix they call a meal every day. Such a bother! So why not do your own darkness retreat in the comfort of your home? Here’s how you can get all the benefits of sitting alone without any outside stimuli, without breaking the bank.


The classic weekend activity isn’t just for kids. Building a couch fort is both fun and nostalgic, and when you’re done you can turn out the lights and clamber inside for super comfy meditation times. Just be sure to exit the fort at night to grab whatever supplies you need, like chips or extra pillows. For extra immersion, be sure to tape over your fridge light so you don’t accidentally brighten the room when you go for midnight snacks.


If you spend enough time on social media to know about Rodgers’ darkness retreat, then surely you’ve seen all the videos of people playing that new Hogwarts game. So why not double up on the immersive experiences by doing your darkness retreat while also role playing as a young Harry Potter? Who knows, maybe by day three in complete isolation you’ll even hallucinate that you’ve gotten your very own invitation to the reputed School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fun!


If you want to maximize your minimalism, you can create an incredibly effective darkness retreat just by closing your eyes. No peeking though, otherwise you’ll ruin the experience! Best part of this method is that you can still walk around your home and go about your day, as long as you’re careful not to stub your toes. Be sure not to accidentally fall asleep, too, or you’ll break immersion.

There you have it. Three easy ways to create your own darkness retreat at home. Now enjoy transcending the ether and finding your own inner truths!

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