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Is Chicago still in the running for a new Bears home? Here's what to know

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While Bears fans are zoned in on Sunday's Week 1 matchup against the Green Bay Packers, looming questions surrounding the franchise regarding a future stadium are certainly still on the minds of many as the season gets underway.

Aiming to address the subject to fans, a letter to Bears season ticketholders was sent from team CEO Kevin Warren as many question what would become of their tickets if the team moved to a different stadium.

While Arlington Heights has long been seen as the most likely destination for the Bears' next home, talks with the city of Chicago have continued for the team to possibly remain somewhere in the city.

The letter, obtained by NBC Sports Chicago, addressed both the competitive aspirations of the team along with the future of the club's home.

With the first game just hours away for the Bears, Warren said the 2023 team holds a "mentality poised to take the next step toward the NFC North title" and is expecting "an exciting season with playmakers in all three phases of the game."

As for the stadium, Warren reiterated his priority for the Bears' next home to be an indoor facility.

"We are also working diligently to deliver on a new, multi-purpose indoor stadium complex that will provide a best-in-class gameday experience for you and ensure a strong future for the Chicago Bears," the letter read. "A new indoor football stadium will allow our region to host both international and national mega events, including a Super Bowl, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four tournaments, College Football Playoff games, collegiate conference championship games, other bowl games and major concert tours. All will draw huge crowds to Chicagoland, ensuring consistent opportunities for year-round use fitting of our world-class metropolitan area."

While many fans already know about the stadium saga, Warren's letter acknowledged the possibility of staying in Chicago -- and, of course, moving out.

"Over the last several months we re-engaged with the City of Chicago, and we are thankful for the vision Mayor Brandon Johnson and his leadership team have provided during our discussions regarding the Chicago Bears remaining in Chicago," Warren wrote. "We also have remained engaged with officials in Arlington Heights and other suburban locations to discuss the possibility of realizing our plan."

After deliberating with Arlington Heights about a potential stadium development at what was formerly known as the Arlington Park race track, the Bears have since pivoted off the location amid tax concerns. Other suburbs threw their hats in the ring and Chicago has remained in discussions surrounding Soldier Field as new city leadership ushered in new talks with the team.

Warren made clear that no plan is set in stone, and much remains to be seen, however.

For many season ticket holders, the real question isn't necessarily where the team's future rests, it's what that future will look like for them. And it appears there are no clear answers there either.

"We are committed to following a process that is methodical and intentional to ensure we get the Chicago Bears Stadium project right," he said. "There are many questions that must be answered before any final decisions are made; however, we are making progress. When the decision is made, we will be sure to have a plan for our Season Ticket Holders."

Read the full letter here.

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