Jay Cutler is dating Tomi Lahren and Twitter has jokes


Jay Cutler departed from Chicago as a polarizing figure, but then something magical happened.

His wife Kristin Cavallari got a new reality TV show, E!'s 'Very Cavallari', and Cutler had a prominent role. His goofy retired dad side made him popular.

Then, came the announced divorce and reports of Cavallari calling Cutler lazy and unmotivated.

Suddenly, Cutler was popular. Beloved. Bears fans ran to his defense.

In pro-wrestling parlance, he was a full-fledged baby face.

But before we could even flip from SummerSlam to WrestleMania, Cutler turned heel stunning Bears fans.

Jay Cutler is dating Tomi Lahren, according to Twitter.

Now we should note that while this is a trending topic on Twitter, it doesn't appear to be coming from an actual, legitimate source. And there are some disputing the truth to it. So for now, we'll assume Cutler is still a baby face.

But that's not going to stop the Twitter joke train.

First and foremost, let's all make sure his Instagram remains untouched because that account is pure magic.

Some couldn't come to terms with it.

Some recalled his decision making as a quarterback.


Just another thing to show us all 2020 is the worst.


Let's all hope they mean the bodybuilder Jay Cutler.

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