Josh Allen on Justin Fields: ‘He's a special talent'


Bills quarterback and MVP candidate Josh Allen got his first regular-season look at Justin Fields during the Bears-Bills game on Christmas Eve. 

Fields didn't rush for an abundance of yards, as he has in past games this season. The Bills kept him to a season-low 11 yards. He also didn't throw the ball prolifically outside of a couple of long balls. Fields finished with 119 yards and one touchdown from the game's first drive. 

Nevertheless, Allen is well-aware of Fields' capabilities. 

"He's a special talent," Allen said of Fields on ESPN's Kyle Brandt's Basement. "He can spin the rock. Obviously, you see what he can do in the open field running-wise. He seems like a really good kid."

As Fields nodded after the game, the Bills defended his legs well. He ascertained the Bills implemented a defensive end to spy on him and force him laterally. The Bills worked effortlessly to keep Fields from getting downhill, where he's at his most lethal on the run. 

Coming into the game, Fields had eclipsed 1,000 rushing yards on the season. He had broken a plethora of records and oddball unique statistical lines, making a name for himself in the NFL world. This is the type of caliber Allen spoke to surrounding his recognition of Fields. 

Because of Fields' rushing ability, big arm and size (6-foot-3, ~ 227 pounds) some believe he could be the "next Josh Allen." To Allen, however, he knows Fields is onto something different, and understands Fields would prefer not to be compared to the next version of another quarterback. 

"I think everybody's their own guy. I don't think he's gonna be the next me. I think he's gonna be the next him," Allen declared. 

Well said. 

Fields has done things this season unprecedented for a sophomore quarterback, while surrounded by one of the worst rosters in the NFL. His rushing abilities are comparable to few, and his ability to throw the ball is improving by the week. 

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It's also widely known his leadership capabilities are improving and his presence on the team is greatly respected. Head coach Matt Eberflus has mentioned how impressive Fields' maturity is in the locker room. 

"Seems like the organization and teammates love him. He works hard. He doesn't complain. I'm pulling for him. I'm a big fan of his," Allen said. 

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