Justin Fields gets Bears OL grills for Christmas


Christmas is in the rearview mirror, but Bears offensive linemen are looking forward to using the gifts they received from Justin Fields this year. It’s NFL tradition for QBs to buy gifts for the offensive linemen as a way to say thank you for blocking up front all year, and this year Fields got grills for the Bears big men. The ones you cook on, not the ones you wear on your teeth, but Sam Mustipher said he would’ve been happy either way.

“If Justin Fields got me grills I would wear the grills,” Mustipher said. “I would wear the grills, for real.”

We’ve heard of all sorts of crazy gifts from personalized ATVs, to new golf club sets, to designer handbags, but a grill is one of the most appropriate gifts for offensive linemen considering they’re often the beefiest guys on the team. The grills were a generous gift too. Fields got Webers for the linemen, with their choice of gas line or propane.

“I’m pumped about it,” said Michael Schofield. “I’m a big meat guy. I’ve got two Traegers and now this Weber grill.

“I’ve got different options now. I can smoke meat, do a little sear now on the Weber. It’s nice.”

Mustipher is no stranger to cooking, but he’s looking forward to getting into grilling as a new way to prepare his food thanks to Fields’ gift.

“I do mainly proteins, so I do mainly chicken, steak,” Mustipher said. “Normally I’ve used my cast iron for my steaks. Dry age it, then sear it.”

Most guys were genuinely excited for the gift and the unanimous winner for “First Piece of Meat Cooked on the Grill” was a big ribeye. Mustipher took things one step further and said he was going to make a tomahawk steak. But Braxton Jones said he’ll have to let someone else use his grill.

“I don’t know how to cook, I’m going to be honest with you,” Jones said.

Jones still has a plan for his grill, though. He’s thinking about giving it to his mom so she can enjoy using it, and so he can enjoy some of her cooking when he visits.

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