Justin Fields

Justin Fields impresses new Bears with command of huddle

Nate Davis believes Fields is already bringing veteran leadership, in year two of Luke Getsy's offense

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At this point in the summer, the Bears are focused more on classroom work, polishing technique and building bonds with each other. They won’t put the pads on until the end of July or beginning of August when training camp is underway, so it’s unfair to try to make real football evaluations, especially on the offensive line.

That said, Nate Davis has already picked up on one trait from Justin Fields that gives him confidence in the offense: his leadership in the huddle.

“Just be able to get in the huddle and say, ‘This is what we gotta do. Let’s go ahead and do that,’ kind of relaxes everybody else,” Davis said. “Knowing, ‘OK, we’ve got somebody in charge. He’s been there, he’s done that.’ He’s going to do great things.”

Davis joined the Bears for their final round of OTAs and is still working on details, like getting used to Fields’ cadence. Davis is already familiar with some of the top level ideas in Luke Getsy’s scheme, since he played in a similar system in Tennessee. That’s helped him transition to the Bears, and allows him to drill down on fundamentals.

“That’s really all you can do right now and until the pads come on when camp starts,” Davis said.

Even with the limited amount of things the Bears can do in minicamp, and even though Fields only has one year of experience in Getsy’s scheme, Davis said he was struck by Fields’ command of the offense. Davis said Fields runs the show like a veteran.

“Definitely a leader in the huddle and somebody I want to play for. Somebody I want to block for. Somebody I want to see do great things on the field. I’m excited, that’s for sure.”

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