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Justin Fields shares his keys to maintaining offensive momentum

What the Bears need to do to keep scoring points against the Vikings

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After weeks of dysfunction to start the season, the Bears offense finally came alive in Week 4 against the Broncos. Of course the team let a win slip through their fingers so the signs of progress felt a little hollow, but the signs of progress were there. Four days later, the Bears picked up where they left off when they decisively beat the Commanders 40-20 on Thursday Night Football. 

To say it was a big win– and a big repeat performance for the offense would be a big understatement.

“It took a giant step,” said DJ Moore. “Last week all the stars aligned. Looking this week we want the sun to align with us out there.

“I think everybody was just locked in, from Justin to the O-line to the receivers to the tight ends to the backs. Everybody was just locked in.”

A big reason the offense was so successful was the increased number of explosive plays. The Bears have made mistakes or had execution lapses that have made it difficult to sustain long drives. But those explosives shorten the field, provide instant scoring opportunities and more.

“It gets us in a rhythm, of course it gets the momentum going,” said Justin Fields. “It’s always positive to have those big chunks.”

Fields found Moore for several chunk plays. There was the 58-yard bomb to Moore on the third play of the game that set up the opening touchdown. Two short passes that turned into long gains, like Moore’s 56-yard score to seal the win. A 32-yarder set up a Cairo Santos field goal. The big plays led to points, so they’re going to need more of them.

“Just knowing when to dial them up and call them at the right time and everybody executing at the right time,” said Moore. “I know that (offensive coordinator) Luke (Getsy) is going to be aggressive like he was. We’ve just got to be on the same page with him always.”

For Bears fans, a second week of solid offensive output was a sigh of relief. The team managed to replicate their success. It gave hope that the success can carry forward even more. There was no sigh of relief for Fields, though.

“We knew that we could do it the whole time,” Fields said. “I think at this point it’s keeping it going and putting up the same amount of points and being as efficient as we’ve been the last two weeks.”

“I feel like I’m just playing ball, to be honest with you. I’m playing ball, and the main thing is just being locked in from the first through the fourth quarter.”

In Fields’ mind, the key for the Bears to keep executing explosives and keep scoring points will be to stay locked in from the first quarter to the fourth quarter.

“I can do better in the second half with staying locked in and keeping all the guys locked in and putting up the same amount of points we do in the first half. I think that’s the next step as an offense, is just keeping our foot on the gas and not letting up and keep putting up points.

“It’s a long process, but of course, we’ve worked through it and we’ve grown and gotten better every week. Just looking to keep growing and keep growing in the right direction.”

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