Matt Eberflus elaborates on receiving opening kickoff


After the Bears won the coin toss at Soldier Field against the Packers on Sunday, they elected to receive the opening kickoff. 

The decision marked the team's first election to receive the opening kickoff this season after winning the coin toss. 

"We just felt our offense has been humming pretty good and we wanted to give them a chance to go out there and score and it worked out for us," head coach Matt Eberflus said of the decision after the game. "It was good for us, as obviously, we go up 10-0. I told Justin [Fields] all week that we were gonna do that and he was excited about it."

The decision did result successfully. The Bears kicked the Packers in the teeth in their two consecutive opening drives.

They opened up with an 11-play, 53-yard drive that ended with a 40-yard Cairo Santos field goal. On the ensuing drive, Fields ran for a 56-yard touchdown run to put the Bears up 10-0.

The touchdown run marked Fields' sixth straight game with a rushing quarterback, tying the NFL record for most consecutive games with a rushing touchdown for a quarterback. 

The momentum, however, didn't last for the Bears.

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The team scored three points in the second half and allowed 18 points in the fourth quarter. They dropped their six-point lead at halftime to earn their 10th loss of the season and hand them a playoff elimination. 

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