Matt Nagy on critics: says “friends” won't pull Bears down, but Bears having trouble putting on “horse blinders and earmuffs”


Sifting through the rubble that was the Bears’ 36-25 pounding by the New Orleans Saints… 

Matt Nagy said Sunday night with some forcefulness that his advice to his players was to don “horse blinders and earmuffs,” his way of saying to tune out all outside forces when things turn difficult. Neither he nor his players seem able to do that very well.

Wide receiver Allen Robinson got into a Twitter spat after the game with a follower who gigged the wide receiver for talking trash with his team trailing by 20 points. Tarik Cohen did a Twitter-scoff over Saint players poking fun at the running back’s short stature.

And then there was Nagy himself, who ended his post-game press conference by starting off the podium before glaring at this writer, who had shaken his head (privately, to myself, back a few rows from Nagy’s lectern) a couple times while taking notes on some of Nagy’s more puzzling utterances.

Nagy angrily asked, “You all right?! You all right?!” or something like that. He really wasn’t asking about my health or well-being.

The head coach of an NFL team taking umbrage at a couple of small head-shakes, with no idea what any issue might have been, doesn't set an impressive example.

Nagy’s message Monday was head-scratching. “You [media] guys are friends,” he said. “I look at you all as friends. I don't see you as critics.”

Then, in the next breath, a different tack with his “friends:” “First of all, you will never pull me down,” Nagy said. “That's No. 1. Never. You won't do it. Second of all, you'll never pull our team down. It doesn't matter what we're going through. It'll never happen. Not under my watch. That's just not how we roll.”

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