Mike Glennon officially named Bears starter, while a plan is in place for Mitch Trubisky


As expected, John Fox named Mike Glennon the Bears’ Week 1 starting quarterback on Monday, though the Bears’ head coach declined to publicly detail what the team’s plan will be for Mitchell Trubisky going forward.

To that point, Fox wouldn’t say yet if Trubisky or Mark Sanchez would be the team’s backup against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. But Fox is confident in how the team will continue to develop Trubisky behind the scenes this fall.

“We’ve got a good plan for that,” Fox said. “I’d rather not share it with the planet, what our practice procedures are going to be. But I think our coaches have done an excellent job getting him the time and the reps to develop in the preseason and much of the same will happen in the regular season.”

With the preseason over, though, the Bears’ focus will turn to winning regular season games with Glennon — who was named a captain Monday along with offensive lineman Josh Sitton, linebacker Jerrell Freeman, safety Quintin Demps and cornerback/special teamer Sherrick McManis — as the team’s starting quarterback. Trubisky can still force a decision on when he’ll play if he convinces coaches he gives them a better chance to win than Glennon.

But that determination hasn’t been made yet, so on the Bears march with Glennon as their Week 1 starter.

“I like (Glennon’s) progress,” Fox said. “I like how he’s adapted. He’s a smart guy. He works at it hard. He’s very tireless — I like that about all three of our quarterbacks. We’ll get to wait and see.”

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