Namath says Aaron Rodgers can wear No. 12 in New York


Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets? 

Sign me and the rest of Chicago Bears fans up.

There are obviously a lot of hurdles to the Green Bay Packers star quarterback getting traded, and the most minor of those would be his No. 12 jersey being retired to honor Joe Namath.

Namath however is rolling out the Jets green carpet by saying Rodgers would have his blessing to wear 12 in New York.

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First the conversation starts with Namath on the "Tiki & Tierney" show begins with Namath expressing a desire for Rodgers to come to New York.

"I hope it can come true but it's farfetched. I know Mr. [Jets owner Woody] Johnson's trying to get a quarterback. If there's a way he can get Rodgers," Namath said. "I'm a big Rodgers fan, and I noticed that he wears number 12, of course. I'm thinking, well man, if we get him on our side, is he still going to wearing number 12? Because the number was retired years ago."

Then Namath was told by Tiki Barber it would be on him to decide.

"Well, this is what I'm saying, it's on ownership. It's different ownership. It's different people. And I'd sure love Rodgers, if he's there, I want him to wear his number," Namath said. "We established ourselves and we've got a real respect for our numbers, and Aaron Rodgers, God almighty, yeah! It'd be great to have him in New York."

And you know what, I agree. Unretire Namath's number, let Rodgers run into Father Time wearing Namath's number in New York.

He's out of the NFC North, which is amazing. He's out of the NFC in general, which is also amazing.

Of course he could just retire which would be an equally, perhaps preferred, option.

“I just need some time right now,” Aaron Rodgers told “The Pat McAfee Show” about his thoughts on whether he will keep playing. “I’m either all-in or all-out.”

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