NFL analyst burns Packers with hilarious analogy


Colin Cowherd made a comical analogy to the Packers after their Sunday Night Football game against the Bears, which resulted in a 27-10 win. 

For the Packers, this week was a cookie-cutter chapter in the NFL's book, according to Cowherd.

"They play a good team [Minnesota Vikings]. They get whacked. And then they go back home to Lambeau against the Bears and the Lions, crush them and all is forgotten," Cowherd said on his show. 

This game was the perfect situation for a nationally televised game, according to Cowherd.

The Bears are a perennial stepping stone for the Packers. This reigns true every season, especially in the Rodgers era. He is 23-5 against the Bears in his career. 

Last season, the Packers beat up on the Bears after a bye week. Two seasons ago, they defeated the Bears after a crushing overtime loss to the Colts. Even three seasons ago, the Packers won over the Bears on Thursday night football's first game of the season. 

Rodgers always gets an extra kick out of beating the Bears. Chicago has a passionate fan base and an competitive mindset against the Packers. So, when Rodgers comes to town and riles up Bears fans with an easy win, it gives him an ego boost. 

But, to Cowherd, Rodgers' fun doesn't last long. 

"He's [Rodgers] become a Bond film," Cowherd said. "James Bond. Incredibly predictable. Fun, but never going to win the awards. Never going to be the best film of the year."

Cowherd drew the comparison of Bond films to the Packers because they always dominate the regular season, but lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. 

He's right. 

The Packers have lost the wild card or divisional round six times since Rodgers' succession of Brett Favre. In the same time span, they've lost in the NFC Conference championships four times.

Even though Rodgers has all the individual accolades -- 10 Pro-Bowls, four All-Pro selections, offensive player of the year and four NFL MVPs -- he has one ring from the lone time he played in the 2010 Super Bowl. 

While Bears fans won't be able to hold their high at the team's all-time record against Rodgers, they can still laugh at his failed Super Bowl attempts. 

"Bond films out in the first round, but they're fun," Cowherd said. 

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