NFL analyst exhausted by Bears-Packers on prime time


There's nothing better than watching the Bears play the Packers in prime time. Two of the NFL's original teams facing off in a divisional game for bragging rights. Nothing beats it, right?

For one NFL analyst, the competitive, rivalry narrative between the Bears and Packers is a fallacy. 

"No more Bears-Packers in prime time," Kyle Brandt said on Good Morning Football. "I understand they have to play twice a year. This is nasty. We don't need to see that. Let's put them at 1 p.m. when they'll just let it roll."

Brandt makes the argument the NFL should hide Bears-Packers games, instead of overhyping the narrative between the two teams. 

In his defense, the Packers have beaten up on the Bears consistently in recent history. Aaron Rodgers has a 23-5 career record against the Bears. He also has an active seven-game win streak against them.

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According to Brandt, Rodgers' average margin of victory over the Bears in prime time is 15 points. For Brett Favre, it was 16 points per game. On Sunday night, the Bears lost by 17 points to the Packers. 

"You think it's this Yankees Red Sox thing? The Yankees don't beat the Red Sox by 12 runs every single time they play," Brandt said. 

On Sunday night, the story didn't change. The Bears' offense broke the hearts of Bears fans everywhere after posting 48 team passing yards. They ran the ball well, rushing for 180 yards as a team. But, they failed to score the ball after a Justin Fields touchdown on the opening drive. 

Maybe it's time to let go of the rivalry narrative until the Bears improve, or Rodgers leaves the division. Whatever comes first. 

"It would be one thing if the Packers just won all the time. It is a mercy rule boat race every time we watch the game," Brandt said. 

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