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NFL draft expert shares bold claim on Caleb Williams as QB prospect

This is quite a take

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If you’ve spent any amount of time reading analysis, watching videos or listening to podcasts about 2024 NFL draft prospect Caleb Williams and you’ve probably come across the term “generational talent.” The incoming rookie from USC is one of the most highly-touted quarterbacks entering the draft in recent memory. Most pundits agree he’ll be the first player selected in the draft, and most agree that it’ll be the Bears who pick him.

On Wednesday, NFL draft expert Joel Klatt contextualized the level of hype around Williams compared to other QB prospects who have come out of the draft over the past 10+ years.

There have been several “no-doubt” QB prospects recently, like Burrow. However, no QB has surpassed the universal acclaim that was heaped on Luck when he left Stanford in 2012. So dubbing Williams the top prospect since Luck is really saying something.

Williams is held in such high regard because his ceiling extends past the stratosphere into deep space. His upside to make big plays on every single snap can make any offensive coordinator drool, and strike fear into the heart of any defensive coordinator. He’s a threat to score with his legs, has a top-notch deep ball and can turn busted plays into explosive gains with his off-script improvisations.

But Williams isn’t just dangerous on explosive passes or when he extends a play. He’s effective and accurate when making timing and rhythm based plays. If everything goes right on offense, he can pick apart a defense. When things go wrong on offense, he can still pick apart a defense.

There are plenty of great things to say about Williams, but not much bad. Ball security issues cropped up with nine fumbles this season, but over the breadth of his career, Williams has taken very good care of the football. That’s why most folks trying to poke holes in his resume often resort to pointing out ridiculous “negatives” that are completely unrelated to his ability or character, like the fact that he paints his nails. Others try to read the tea leaves of teammates' comments.

Taking a look at the full picture, however, it’s not hard to see why Klatt would consider Williams the top QB prospect since Luck.

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