NFL Network puts Justin Fields in top five NFC QB list


The national media is aware of how the Bears are building their roster, giving Justin Fields an ample amount of weapons early into the offseason. 

During Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, the cast listed out their top five NFC quarterbacks going into 2023. Two of the cast members, Jason McCourty and James Palmer, placed Justin Fields in their top five lists. Palmer put Fields at the No. 2 spot. 

"Justin Fields number two," Palmer said. "I'm looking at next season. What did I see this year with a shell of a team around him? I'm not even sure the other ten guys were NFL-caliber players. When he has D.J. Moore and everything else they're building around him after the free agency after draft – wait until you see what Justin Fields is able to do the second year of this."

"And number five is Justin Fields," McCourty said on the air. "I was very confident in Fields at five, cracking the top five of the quarterbacks in the NFC. Running around with more weapons, getting it done. I'm going Justin Fields is showing up."

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It's interesting to see that national confidence is bullish on Fields' ability to see success in 2023.

Fields' success on the ground last season was unparalleled. He rushed for 1,143 yards and a whopping eight touchdowns. He broke records – NFL and franchise – on the ground. At one point, he helped the Bears score over 30 points per game in four straight weeks. His legs became one of the hottest offensive commodities in the NFL. 

On the other hand, he and the Bears struggled to move the ball through the air. Fields barely scraped over 2,000 passing yards last season; the Bears recorded the fewest passing yards of any team last season. His completion percentage finished at a lowly 60.4 percent last season. Fields' ability to move the ball with his arm needs to improve in many areas. 

In Fields' defense, the Bears' lack of wide receiver talent and a sufficient offensive line help hurt Fields' chances at creating success in the passing game. Bears wide receivers statistically failed at creating effective space from their defenders all season. Their offensive line didn't perform any better, as Fields was the most pressured and most sacked quarterback in the league last year. 

Placing Fields in the top five NFC quarterback list is a daring move. He has yet to show his capabilities through the air, outside of some flashes. But with the additions of D.J. Moore and the start of building a more effective offensive line, there's a chance he'll have the freedom to show off his full potential.

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