No, Fields didn't slight Bears fans after Packers loss


An answer from Justin Fields' press conference after the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday night is going viral on social media.

Some fans, or at least one in particular, are upset at a perceived slight from the star quarterback when Fields discussed the toll of losing on the players versus the fans.

Warning: Tweet contains explicit language.

At first glance, it might seem like there is some merit to that fan's reaction.

"It hurts more in the locker room than the Bears fans because at the end of the day they're not putting in any work," Fields told reporters. "I see the guys in the locker room every day. I see how much work they put in. Coming out with a disappointing loss like this, it hurts. But, we just got to respond."

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But did Fields really slight the fans? No.

The question, which was not included in the clip above, was: "Does losing to this team, does it sting more because of this rivalry and how much Bears fans want to win this game?"

To put it plainly, Fields was asked if losing to the Packers "stings more" because of the rivalry and how badly Bears fans want the team to beat their NFC North rival. 

Fields is attempting to say it hurts the players more because of the work they put into winning, not because of added pressure or desire from fans to win. 

And he's got a point. It's a sport the players on the team have dedicated their whole lives to. Their livelihoods are tied to the production on the field, including the wins. There is preparation happening all year round to win these games.

Fields fumbled his words a little bit, but that's what he is attempting to say.

Especially for the offense, the loss had to particularly bug them because of their lack of output. Despite rushing the ball as a team for 180 yards, the Bears recorded only 48 passing yards. Fields attempted 11 passes and completed seven . 

The Bears produced 228 yards of total offense and 11 first downs in the entire game. After their first 71-yard drive resulted in a Fields' rushing touchdown, the Bears had no answer for the rest of the game. 

The team's loss marked their seventh-straight loss to the Packers. The Bears haven't beat the Packers since 2018 and haven't defeated them at Lambeau Field since 2015. Aaron Rodgers' career record over the Bears stands at 23-5.

All time, the Bears have lost to the Packers 104 times out of the 205 contests they've played against their NFC North rival. However, Rodgers needs no reminding of his dominance over Chicago. 

He already knows. 

"I think everybody in Green Bay is counting," Rodgers said after the game. 

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