One game from 2016 illustrates the potential of the Nick Foles-Bears marriage


Chicago sports fans anxious to see new Bears quarterback Nick Foles in action under Matt Nagy (sort of) don't have to wait, they can simply take a trip down memory lane. Bears' head coach Matt Nagy was the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach in 2016 when the squad faced off with the Indianapolis Colts in Week 8. In that matchup, starting quarterback Alex Smith went out twice due to head injuries and Nick Foles came to fill-in with great success.

With Andy Reid as the head coach, Brad Childress as the offensive coordinator, and Nagy as the quarterbacks' coach, Foles excelled in the Chiefs West Coast offense with many of the same elements as the Bears system. Foles dealt with a large number of RPOs and short, three-step drops as he provided relief for a very banged up Smith, who suffered both a cut to the ear and a concussion during that 2016 game.

Foles executed the Reid-Childress-Nagy offense almost to perfection, completing 16 of 22 passes for 223 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions in a 30-14 win. While the Bears will still have a quarterback competition this upcoming season, Foles' familiarity with Nagy will certainly go a long way towards helping him whenever the NFL resumes.

Bears fans don't have to look much further than Foles' Week 8 performance in 2016 under Childress and Nagy to get pumped about the potential of the Bears-Foles marriage. 

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