Packers could seek multiple first-rounders for Rodgers, Peter King says


Aaron Rodgers won't come cheap if he's dealt, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.

After ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that it was a "real possibility" that the Green Bay Packers trade the 39-year-old quarterback this offseason, King offered a glimpse at what their asking price could be in his weekly "Football Morning in America" column.

"Consider that Rodgers’ cap numbers in the next two seasons would be $48.3 million, combined," King wrote. "That’s certainly manageable. As for the compensation due Green Bay, my guess is the Pack would want at least two first-round picks."

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When the Packers traded the then-38-year-old Brett Favre to the New York Jets in 2008, the return only netted them a conditional fourth-round pick. The trade market is obviously much different 15 years later, but "at least" two first-round picks is a hefty price for a player that seems to be on a year-to-year basis these days.

King also floated some potential teams that could pursue Rodgers, with the Jets again standing out as a likely suitor:

"The possibilities are delicious. Rodgers to the Jets, maybe re-teaming with ex-Pack aide Nathaniel Hackett, who has interviewed for the New York offensive coordinator job. Or Rodgers to the Patriots, which seems very Belichickian, to perhaps give Mac Jones two learning seasons in the shadows. Or Rodgers to Vegas, if Tom Brady doesn’t beat him there. Or Rodgers to Seattle, which is seventh in cap room in 2023 and has four picks in the draft’s top 55. You could think of 10 more.

"The Woody Johnson Jets, desperate for a star QB almost since the Broadway Joe days, would happily pay that freight, I’d guess. But would Rodgers accept a deal to the Jets? We shall see."

Everything is purely speculation at this point, so buckle up for yet another long offseason of Rodgers rumors.

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