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Packers' Jordan Love explains weird Father's Day video for Bears fans

A strange video circulated on Twitter which had folks wondering if he was admitting Bears fans are all his dad

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Sunday was filled with heartfelt Father’s Day messages as players and fans from across the country took to Twitter to recognize their dads. One greeting in particular stood out as a little strange however. A video circulated of Packers quarterback Jordan Love wishing Bears fans a happy Father’s Day.

People wondered what it was all about. Was Love trying to make some sort of joke a la Aaron Rodgers declaring himself the Bears owner? Did Love bungle that joke by insinuating Bears fans across the world are his collective dad? Why was this video even recorded?

Turns out it was for a completely innocuous reason. Love is in Paris with Justin Fields and DeShaun Watson for a youth football camp. A french fan asked Love to record the short video, so he did.

Here’s an explanation from the Twitter user who initially posted the video:

And here’s Love’s own explanation:

The Bears and Packers open their season together at Soldier Field this year, so Love will get an opportunity to pick up where Rodgers left off in regards to being the Bears’ owner/dad/archnemesis. Or maybe it will be the Bears fans who cheer so loudly that they make a statement as Love’s new guardian/conservator/foe.

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