Packers spending ‘a lot of time' preparing for Khalil Mack


Khalil Mack hasn’t played any football this year, so the Bears aren’t sure how much they’ll get from their new star pass rusher on Sunday night.

Regardless of how much he plays, he’ll still have an impact on the Green Bay Packers. They have to prepare as though the Pro Bowl outside linebacker will be on the field, which has been an added emphasis for Mike McCarthy already.

Mack is the type of player that gives opposing offensive coordinators the proverbial nightmares before games, so it’s no surprise that Green Bay is getting extra prepared.

The Packers’ defense is already trying to figure out what Matt Nagy will be throwing at them, and now their offense has plenty to deal with.

All the added time that McCarthy has to spend getting ready for Mack is less time that he’ll have to game plan against the rest of the Bears’ defense.

As Chicago is already starting to see at practice, it may not matter how much you prepare for Mack. He’s hard to stop.

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