Patrick Mahomes' big day somehow got people Mad Online about Mitchell Trubisky?


Patrick Mahomes has a pretty spectacular afternoon. The second-year QB walked into Heinz Field and torched the Steelers in their own house, throwing for 326 yards and *six* TDs. 

For reasons that definitely don't have to do with the fact that the Bears don't play until Monday night, some fans jumped at the opportunity to lament about the 2017 NFL Draft:

There are dozens and dozens more of these zesty takes all right here, if self-sabatoge is your thing. 

Patrick Mahomes looks like a good quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky looks like a good quarterback. When one throws for 10 TDs over two games there's naturally going to be some hand-wringing, but this is silly. Also, neither have a full NFL season to their name yet.

There will always come a time when you'll get to complain about your team's lack of a franchise QB. Why start before you have to?

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