Relive last night's wild Bears-Packers roller coaster through a whole bunch of tweets


Last night, Aaron Rodgers pulled the Bears' heart out of their chest and used his one good leg to stomp all over it. 

The Bears and Packers took part in another classic, and if you can believe it, Twitter had lots of thoughts about it: 

As kickoff got closer, the Bears were HYPED: 

Fans were properly lubricated:

Khalil Mack looks pretttttttty good in a Bears uniform: 

So does Allen Robinson:

Bears optimism was at an all-time high, even for an Everton fan: 

Bears confidence was too, apparently:

The Bears went up 7-0 and hoo boy, friends, hoo boy:

Then Khalil Mack started doing Khalil Mack things and all bets were off: 


(Sad Raiders Twitter is a v sad place)

Roquan Smith got in the action and it was clear that the Bears were never going to lose again: 

Then Aaron Rodgers happened: 

The Bears then lost the game. The levee's broke and The Takes rushed in: 

Then this tweet resurfaced, as there is always A Tweet: 

There's always a tweet. 

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