Report: Bears request interview with Steelers cap guru


The Bears have reportedly added to their general manager candidate list, with a man who has a bit of a different background from the other guys they plan on interviewing.

Khan got his start in NFL front offices with the Saints in 1997. Many reports say that was with a focus on scouting. He then left for the Steelers in 2001 and has worked in Pittsburgh’s front office ever since. But according to many outlets who cover the Steelers, Khan’s main focus with the team now is as their “salary cap guru.”

That’s different from many of the other GM candidates the Bears have reportedly reached out to, who have strong ties to scouting, whether at the college or pro level.

Over his 21 seasons with the Steelers, Khan has been promoted twice. His current title is Vice President of Football & Business Administration.

Khan has also been a part of two Super Bowl championships in Pittsburgh.

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