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Report: Jets preparing to be picked for ‘Hard Knocks' show

Some Bears fans hoped to see Justin Fields and DJ Moore on HBO this year

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Bad news for Bears fans who wanted to see Justin Fields, DJ Moore and the rest of the team on this season of HBO’s hit show “Hard Knocks.” According to reports, the NFL is getting ready to name the Jets this year’s team that the show will follow. If selected, the Jets won’t be able to say no.

“Hard Knocks” follows several storylines during an NFL team’s training camp, from unheralded rookies trying to make the 53-man roster, to new superstar free agents trying to fit in with their new teammates, to charismatic coaches.

Typically, NFL coaches don’t like the distraction of cameras in the building and out on the practice field, so it’s rare that a team will raise their hand to volunteer for the show. And if no team volunteers, then the NFL can select a team.

Most teams can decline if HBO and the NFL come calling, but if a team meets the following criteria, they can’t say no:

–Must not have new head coach

–Must not have made made the playoffs over the past two seasons

–Must not have been on the show over the past decade

Bears head coach Matt Eberflus is entering year two with the team, the Bears’ last playoff appearance was 2020 and they’ve never appeared on the show, so they didn’t have an out if selected. With Fields’ ascension as an exciting playmaker and the addition of Moore, some thought the Bears would’ve made for good TV. But almost nothing in the NFL matches the national attention that Aaron Rodgers demands in New York City. Not only is he still one of the most talented QBs in the league, but he remains one of the league’s kookiest characters. Rodgers gives us ridiculous headlines regularly, from Covid toes to hobbit holes. Think of what we may get when the cameras are on him constantly?

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