Rex Ryan eviscerates Matt Nagy: ‘Absolutely ridiculous'


The Chicago Bears turned in one of the worst offensive performances in NFL history against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. And a lot of it has to do with head coach Matt Nagy's offensive plan, specifically the line scheme.

The Bears ran a lot of five man protection against a stout Browns defensive front and Justin Fields was sacked nine times.

On ESPN's Get Up, former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan ripped Nagy's plan.

"Look, I'm a dumb defensive coach, right? I'm so dumb, I would drop back 21 times, I'm sorry, thirty drop backs in this game, 21 times now to go five man protection," Ryan said.

"Are you out of your mind? "I wouldn't do that with Tom Brady. This is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous."

Former NFL defensive back Ryan Clark was equally critical and strong.

"Maybe they don't understand how to game plan that way, maybe they don't understand how to scheme that way," Clark said. "Or maybe that's just not what Matt Nagy wants to do.

Clark added: " I know people are going to say stop defending the rookie you guys wanted Justin Fields in there and that's the reason you're so adamant it has to be somebody else's fault. Nah, sometimes it is somebody else's damn fault.

"And when you're out there and you had an opportunity... had almost 150 days to game plan for one dude, a dude you moved up from 20 to get. A dude that has to save your job, your GMs job, and you can't do a better job than this? Not only to help him be successful, but to keep him alive, to keep him standing up.

"That is negligent. That is dumb. That is stupid. And I don't necessarily say go get his job, but do something else than what you did yesterday."

We'll see what adjustments, if any Nagy makes during the week. He's already hinted that he could hand over play-calling duties, something Bears fans were clamoring for last season and this season. Some fans are petitioning for Nagy to be fired.

"We're looking at everything," Nagy said.

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