SB head coach lists Justin Fields among elite quarterbacks


Justin Fields has garnered the utmost amount of praise a young quarterback can receive from players, ex-NFL stars and coaches. 

This praise might be the most credible and promising. 

When head coach Burce Arians was asked which quarterbacks he "has his eye on," or ones who could reach the level of "Peyton Manning," he responded candidly. 

"I think Patrick's [Mahomes] already off to the start," Arians said. "But, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen. There are 8 or 9 now -- Justin Fields. There's some good ones every year coming out."

Arians putting Fields' name in the same sentence as Mahomes, Herbert and Allen is exhilarating for Bears fans. 

Mahomes is an MVP and Super Bowl champion. Justin Herbert was Rookie of the Year two seasons ago and Josh Allen is considered one of the league's best. All three quarterbacks are considered to be three of the best in the league. 

Through one season, Fields has yet to turn heads. He threw for under 2,000 yards last season and scored nine total touchdowns. He was one of the most-sacked quarterbacks in the NFL and went through injury and quarterback competition with Andy Dalton. 

However, the second-year quarterback is beginning to put himself on the league's radar this preseason. In the team's final preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, Fields executed a fantastic first half, throwing for 156 yards and three touchdowns. 

Maybe he's starting to climb up the ranks?

Certainly, Arians' sense for Fields' potential should not be taken lightly. He's been a coach in the league since 1996, has a Super Bowl to his name and has won Coach of the Year twice in his lengthy, venerable career. 

On the flip side, Arians makes a keen point as to why Fields may not live up to the potential of the three quarterbacks he listed. 

"It's all about the team around you though," Arians said. "It's the most beautiful game in the world because you can't do it by yourself."

Between the Chiefs, Chargers, Bills and Bears, the latter is clearly the worst of them all. The Bears are in the premiere stages of a full-scale rebuild and have yet to create a winning roster. 

Point being, we'll never know how high Fields can reach until he has players around him who will help him get there. Through one season and likely another this year, he has yet to see that. 

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