Steelers reportedly open to trading Le'Veon Bell


Let's speculate! 

Early Sunday morning, Adam Schefter -- as he's been known to do -- dropped *quite* the tweet:

While not entirely surprising, the report is the strongest indication yet that Bell's days in Pittsburgh are numbered. 

So, where's Bell going to go? What does this mean for the NFC North? Which regional sports network will spend the afternoon photoshopping their team's jersey onto him? 

Because of the cap space that a player of Bell's caliber takes up, there are only a handful of teams that make sense for Bell: 

You'll note that none of those teams are in the NFC North. In fact, only two of them are in the NFC at all. Interestingly enough, oddsmaker Oddshark lists the Packers as having the 4th best chances of landing the All-Pro:

Kudos to the NFL for taking a page out of the NBA's trade rumor book; we're extremely here for gossip. 

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