Mike Ditka

Ted Lasso look inspired by former Bears coach Mike Ditka

Jason Sudeikis revealed the inspiration for his famous Ted Lasso character on a recent episode of the YouTube show "Hot Ones"

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Jason Sudekis won over TV viewers across the country with his heartwarming soccer show Ted Lasso. But on a recent episode of “Hot Ones,” Sudekis revealed his character was inspired by an American football legend from the Bears.

“The look was kind of inspired by Mike Ditka,” Sudekis said on “Hot Ones.” “You know, the shades, the short polyester shorts and the mustache was very much Ditka.”

Ditka’s look is known the world over since the 1985 Bears shuffled their way into the spotlight, but his gruff demeanor is a far cry from Lasso’s characterization. Ditka was a crass coach infamous for moments like flipping the bird to photographers. Lasso is endlessly positive and rarely antagonistic.

Accordingly, Sudekis explained that Lasso is an amalgamation of different teachers and mentors he’s had over the years, including his high school basketball coach Donnie Campell.

“He would do those little turns of phrases like Ted does,” Sudekis said. “I always loved those things. He was also the one who introduced myself and my teammates to John Wooden.”

Ditka’s been parodied, impersonated and idolized in media for decades. Now we can add Ted Lasso to the list of pop culture phenomena inspired by him.

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