The 13 silliest quotes from that Bears press conference


A lot of people said a lot of nothing during Wednesday's media session. We ranked it anyways.

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"“They are both, like Ted, outstanding leaders. I've been most impressed with how well they collaborate. I was impressed with both of them this past season, especially during the six-game losing streak.” – George McCaskey 

Say what you will, but NO one loses six games in a row like the Chicago Bears. The grace, the class. The history! Future leaders of men will look back fondly on each of those six games, all of which the Bears lost. 


“I want to take a moment to tell Bears fans, we understand your frustration. We're frustrated, too and it would be a perfectly natural reaction to say back up the truck, major overall, whatever you want to call it. After one particularly dispiriting loss this season, a season ticket holder sent me an e-mail that read, "Fire somebody. We deserve better." I get it. You deserve your Bears being winners.” – George McCaskey

They're frustrated too! Not frustrated enough to do anything about it, per se, but trust them – they're frustrated. 


“The popular opinion is to make a change because we hit adversity. I get it. But holding people accountable is much more than just starting over.” – Ted Phillips 

It's MUCH more than starting over. Holding people accountable actually means keeping Ryan Pace locked in his extremely cushy, state-of-the-art room until he figures it out. Look at it this way: Ryan Pace wasn't retained, he was grounded. 


“My approach to an evaluation process is to take an individual's body of work and say, based on that body of work, not on any one decision, any one game or any one season, really, and say, does that merit continuing with that person.” – George McCaskey

Ryan Pace is 42-54 as the Bears' GM. 


"As far as what we need to see, we need to see progress. It's not a certain number of wins. We don't know what's going to happen in the 2021 season.”

9-8, baby! In the biz, that's what they call progress. Chicago Bears 2021: We Don't Know What's Going To Happen. 


"When you sit back and you look at what makes a successful organization besides wins and losses, it's the people that you have. It's whether or not they can put their egos down. It's whether or not they can look at situations, self-reflect, admit to their mistakes and try to find learnings from not just their mistakes but their successes that they have had and build off of those.Has it happened as fast as we'd like it to? No, it hasn't. That's why we're sitting here now saying, we do trust Ryan and Matt, but we need to see improvement.” – Ted Phillips

???? uh


“Well, Ted used the word "improvement." I used the word "progress." I think they are similar. I think all four of us will know whether there's been sufficient improvement or sufficient progress to continue past 2021.” – George McCaskey


The question was: What will be the specific benchmarks of success that Pace and Nagy need to reach in 2021?


“Frankly, I don't know that a lot of people have confidence in this course of action, but sometimes you have to take the route that you think is best, even if -- when it's not the most popular decision. And we're aware of that and we're prepared for that.” – George McCaskey


“Have we gotten the quarterback situation completely right? No. Have we won enough games? No. Everything else is there and so whenever you make a decision, in my opinion, there's lots of ripple effects throughout other parts of the building, too, and other people's careers. And we have a solid football foundation. We have a solid football culture.” – Ted Phillips

Everything else is there, so quit your whining. 


“It's not really part -- it's not really pertinent to what we're talking about here today in my opinion.” – Ted Phillips

Ah! Well. Nevertheless, 


“I think our process is always the same and is always getting refined as we go forward. I think sometimes it is, it can be a little bit different in what avenue you're acquiring the player.” – Ryan Pace

The process: 

- Always the same

- Getting refined 

- Sometimes a little bit different 


“Again, I get the question. And we're all focused now -- I think what you just said, what did you learn as we go forward and making sure in any acquisition that we make that we're doing it the right way.” – Ryan Pace 

It's really not a big deal, they're super focused and going forward they'll simply draft the next Pat Mahomes. 


“To me, that's just a non-factor in anything we're doing. I understand why you're asking it. But to me, it's just all about what's best for the team and without getting into contract durations or any specifics."

He's right. Typically whenever everyone in charge awkwardly dodges answers, those answers end up being non-factors. 

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