Trubisky's NVP award already added to his Wikipedia page


Internet trolls move at another speed.

After a lackluster game, Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky won Nickelodeon's Most Valuable Player award.

Now, I know that's a loaded sentence, so let me explain. The Bears' Wild Card game against the Saints was also aired on Nickelodeon and a fan vote was going to determine the winner of their NVP award.

And internet trolls did their work to stuff the ballot box for Trubisky.

And it was a matter of seconds before his Wikipedia page was updated to include his NVP award.

Trubisky completed 19 of 29 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown, most of it coming in a garbage time drive that saw a Jimmy Graham touchdown reception in the final second of the game.

So needless to say, he wasn't really a legitimate candidate when the Bears' offense was struggling and the Bears were trailing by several touchdowns.

But he won, and sadly the kids at home were deprived of seeing an NFL player get slimed after the game.

And FWIW, it's been added to his Pro Football Reference page too.

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