Twitter sounds off about Cousins' fourth-down pass to end the Vikings season


After squeaking out win after win throughout the regular season, the Minnesota Vikings' Super Bowl hopes came crashing down Sunday in the wild card round.

The 13-4 Vikings weren't able to get it down at home against the New York Giants, losing 31-24. The Minnesota defense had no answer for Giants' quarterback Daniels Jones, who recorded 301 passing yards and 78 rushing yards in his postseason debut. 

The Giants wasted no time trolling the Vikings' social media team. 

But while the defense will certainly undergo a complete autopsy, the decisive play of the game for the Vikings actually came on the offensive side of the ball. Down seven with just under two minutes to go, the Vikings defense found themselves around the midfield on 4th-and-8. Quarterback Kirk Cousins immediately targeted tight end T.J. Hockenson for three yards...just barely beyond the line of scrimmage. 

The look on Cousins' face said everything.

Needless to say, Twitter did not hold back.

As Bill Simmons said, the Vikings will certainly have a lot of reflecting to do this offseason. In the meantime, however, the Giants are moving on for a date with their NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.

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