Wentz trade to Bears or Colts not imminent, per Garafolo


After reports surfaced Saturday night insinuating the Bears were on the verge of trading for Carson Wentz, many fans thought the team might have it’s new starting quarterback by lunch on Monday. But on NFL Now, reporter Mike Garafolo told people waiting for big news to break not to hold their breath.

“A lot of people thought, ‘Ok, Super Bowl’s over, and then in the morning this trade’s going to be finalized,’” Garafolo said. “I made calls to everyone involved in this one, and I was told this morning that nothing is imminent. The Eagles are basically waiting for an offer that they feel is worthwhile to trade away Carson Wentz.”

In fact, Garafolo says there’s a chance that a deal for Wentz doesn’t come to fruition at all.

“One of the options is still on the table— I don’t think this is likely, but it’s still on the table— is that they don’t get an option that they deem worthy,” Garfolo said. “And they say, ‘Ok Carson Wentz, report to training camp.’

“I believe in the end he is going to be traded, and they will get an offer that will make them part with Wentz. I still can’t see a path for him to come back to the Eagles.”

Garafolo did confirm that Ryan Pace was one of the GMs in the running for Wentz, however.

“The Bears and the Colts are amongst the teams involved,” Garafolo said. “I am told there are more teams involved, and I will also tell you there are other quarterbacks that the Bears and the Colts are keeping an eye on.”

With so many QBs reportedly on the market this offseason, it’s hard to get a sense of when new dominoes will fall, and how other deals like the Stafford-Goff swap affect asking prices. Plus, there are several free agents available that teams could sign, like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Cam Newton.

“So, a lot of moving parts,” Garafolo said. “A lot of chess, a lot of poker being played here. I can’t really put you on a timeframe here. I can’t tell you how quickly, but it could be relatively quickly.”

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