What if every one possession game had the opposite result?


A graphic materialized that displayed the NFL's current records if each one possession game emerged with the opposite result. 

The results are shocking. 

According to the graphic, the Bears would have five more wins than they do through 13 weeks. Hence, they would be 8-5, instead of 3-10. Not only that, they would be the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. 

In reality, the Bears were one of the first two teams eliminated from playoff contention after losing to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. They have the second-worst record in the NFL.

On the NFC side, the Bears would have the highest jolt of any team, moving up five wins. The Vikings, on the other hand, would have one win on the season. 

The biggest takeaway from the graphic, from a Bears' perspective, is their inability to finish games. The Bears would have five extra wins if they finished the close games they've been a part of this year.

Struggling with closing out games has been a common theme for the Bears this season. 

A thread of late-game mistakes has emerged on social media to shed light on the Bears' late-game failures.

What's more, NBC Sports Chicago's Josh Schrock argues the Bears must figure out how to close out games before the season ends. 

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This will be a situation to monitor for the last four games and next season. 

The Bears are already eliminated from playoff contention and face three of the best NFL teams in their last three games – Eagles, Bills, Vikings. 

Hopefully, the Bears have a more formidable roster to help Fields complete the task at hand.

Because, as of this season, they don't have the necessary weaponry to help Fields – proven by their record of games if finished with the opposite result. 

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